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In advance of the release of a 3.5 album set later this year, a 4 song sampler for your listening pleasure.

Work continues on Redemption Center, formerly referred to as The Spite Album (and liable to be referred to as something else in the future) , consisting of 2 albums from The Phil Aiken Army, as well as 1 album and an EP from The Regular Casanovas. This will likely be on 2 CD's, 3 if necessary to format it all in a logical way. Some of it has trickled out in the past, albeit not in physical form, but most the 40-ish songs will be new (to you).

In the meantime - because "all work and no play" and all that, here are 4 songs. 2 are from The Phil Aiken Army album Danger Field, co-produced with Ed Valauskas, and 2 from The Regular Casanovas EP Beginner's Luck, co-produced with Sir David Minehan. All are from Redemption Center, which is the umbrella release for all of this. As I've mentioned previously, it is a big sprawling varied mess of music, and the best way to make sense of it is to keep it organized into it separate components. Clear as mud? I should make a chart. If I did it would be fancy, elegant, and somewhat uninformative but basically say :

Redemption Center - The Box Set

1) The Phil Aiken Army

a) Danger Field

b) Barricade

2) The Regular Casanovas

a) Beginner's Luck (EP)

b) Late Bloomers and Ugly Rumors

Names all subject to change, except for the material getting released now.

I've been locked away working on all this stuff, but hope to get the gears rolling to do some live shows fairly soon. In the meantime, I will be reprising my role as Phil Aiken, keyboard guy, next Saturday at The Paradise for the annual Hot Stove Cool Music show, always a blast. I have also been playing keys with my good friend Eric Salt and his band Electric City, and will be doing so at The Lizard Lounge in Cambridge on 1/22.

Please enjoy the new tunes - and feel free to email me directly here with any thoughts, complaints, words of encouragement, jokes, rambling anecdotes, tweets in novel form, gig offers, screenplay ideas, or just to say, "Hi."

Stream or download (I suggest the latter for better fidelity, but I know how you kids are.) by clicking the Bandcamp button below. As usual, payment amount is optional and $0.00 is an acceptable amount. :)